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Quick Look at Gamevil's New Card Game - Duel of Fate

Card games don't normally tickle my fancy. Sure I enjoyed my share of Final Fantasy 8 and 9's embedded side game that happened to be cards, Triple Triad and Tetra Master respectfully, but normally they are games I don't venture into. This is the primary driver as to why I haven't tried out the massively popular Rage of Bahamut which I am constantly reminded by readers/viewers to go do. I'll admit when I was launching Gamevil's recently published game "Duel of Fate" I didn't know what to expect, and was surprised to find a card based strategy game. However, after an hour or two with the game I walked away considering it a pretty pleasant experience that I would recommend to others.

The game is based on a three element system wood, water, and fire. This makes up a rock, paper, scissors system where wood is strong to water but weak to fire, water is strong to fire but weak to wood, and fire is strong to wood but weak to water. The game proceeds by each player (two players at a time) placing two competing cards face up to battle. Once each player has seen each others attack cards they both chose a card to attack. The trick is you never know which card the opposing player chose until the turn begins. So unless your cards are drastically better than the opposing player's, there is always a chance you will lose. Playing the right element doesn't always win either. Sometimes two cards of the same time go head to head in which case the card with the higher power will be victorious. It's a thrilling, fun, and frustrating process all at once because skill alone won't win you matches. You're going to be counting on lady luck quite a bit as well.

As with all freemium games, there is a purchase element along with this game. Players can choose to buy decks of varying quantities of cards that contain a probability of having rare and useful cards. Of course, the more you spend the higher the probability, but the prices don't seem to be too off putting (there is no $99.99 for instance).

I'd highly recommend Duel of Fate to all of those strategy card game players out there. It can even (if purchases are monitored) be suitable for helping older kids to do quick math and logic on their feet. There is always a timer running to select your next action, and you need to calculate risk fairly quickly. Duel of Fate has restored my faith in strategy card games.

Publisher: Gamevil
Genre: Card
Price: Android - Free

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