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DrawSomething Review - Can I Just Use 1000 Words Instead?

Video games aren’t all I play. In fact I have a special place in my heart board games. Maybe it’s the tangibleness of the games, or maybe it’s the more intimate social interaction, but there’s something to be said for board games that video games just can’t accomplish. The first time I played Draw Something, I was immediately brought back to those family game nights where we played a variety of different board games, specifically Pictionary. There is never a dull moment when a person tries to depict a word or phrase, by sketch ,to an audience that hasn't a clue what the artist is about to do.

When you first download the game, you are given the option to create a login name or to sign in using Facebook. I chose the latter. This was instantly cool because I could create a game to play with one (or many) of my Facebook friends who also have this app. On your turn you are given three choices, in varying difficulty, of words that you are to draw for your chosen teammate. You then have as long as you wish to draw the picture. In the beginning, you only have some very basic colors to choose from, making it challenging to properly portray the word you were given. After you draw your picture, your teammate is able to watch you in action. By this, I mean they are able to see the entire process you took to get to your final drawing. They can see your mistakes, erasures and every single line that you make. They are also given a list of letters that contain the actual letters of your word and empty boxes that show how many letters the word is comprised of.

As cool as it is that they can watch the progression of your artwork, you also get to watch them try to guess the word. Whenever they put the random letters into the boxes you are able to see them do it, whether they are correct or not. If they do guess the correct word, you are both rewarded with the amount of coins corresponding with the difficulty of the word you chose. These coins are used to make in-game purchases. You can either purchase new sets of colors or you can buy bombs. These bombs exist for two purposes. When you are guessing a drawing you can use a bomb to get rid of all the excess letters that are there to confuse you. When it is your turn to make a drawing you can use a bomb to get a new set of words to choose from. The object of the game is to continue taking turns with your partner(s) without being unable to guess the picture.

I found this game incredibly addictive. I can play it for an hour or I can play it when I have just two minutes to kill. Your teammates, and their drawings, are there when you get back on. I have gone days in between playing and as soon as I come back on, I can watch all the drawings my friends have made. Unfortunately the lexicon for the game is not very robust. The words get recycled quite often and it can make the game very easy if you recognize when someone is drawing a word that you yourself have already had. It’s not so frequent that casual players will see it, but anyone that’s been playing several people for a few days will start seeing repeats. Hopefully OMGPOP adds additional words with a future update.

One of the things that does frustrate me about this game is that you are unable to leave messages with your teammates. There have been countless times when I felt the need to communicate with the other person. Also, when it is your turn to play, there is no notification on the phone informing you. You have to get onto the game to see who has taken their turn and even when another person has created a game with you. OMGPOP has mentioned that an upcoming update to the game will add the notification feature as well as a slew of other features. This at least shows the OMGPOP is committed to their product and that it will only get better from here.

DrawSomething is an amazingly creative game that muses reciprocal creativity. I have a certain bond with the people I play with, almost as if we are sitting in the living room having family game night together. This connection comes from the fact that we are able to watch each other's brainwork in action. There is easily room for improvement in this game but I find myself playing Draw Something over and over again.


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